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Tom Butler Bowdon 50 Philosophy & Psychology Classics 2 books set New Paperback - Children Store Co.
Nicholas Brealey Publishing; Reissue edition

Tom Butler Bowdon 50 Philosophy & Psychology Classics 2 books set New Paperback

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This book explains and discusses briefly, but with remarkable lucidity, some of the ideas of fifty philosophical thinkers from ancient times to the present-day. Complex views on a whole range of important and enduring issues are made accessible to the general reader. A sympathetic account is given of each thinker and his or her thoughts, conveying the insights and capturing some of the excitement of seeing the world and human life from novel, distinctive, or unusual perspectives. The book is both enjoyable and instructive.--C.L. Ten, Professor of Philosophy, National University of Singapore, -

Book Description

The greatest philosophy books distilled, in the relaunch of the bestselling 50 Classics series

From the Back Cover

From Aristotle to Wittgenstein, 50 Philosophy Classics provides a lively entry point to 'The King of Disciplines', helping readers comprehend key questions - and possible answers - at the center of human existence. Insightful commentaries on famous texts give a taste of the big ideas that have changed the course of intellectual history - and keep changing minds today.

EXPLORE the ideas of the great thinkers in philosophy:

Aristotle on happiness - Hannah Arendt on the human condition - Jeremy Bentham on utility - Simon de Beauvoir on the female - Cicero on duty - Confucius on responsibility - Descartes on the knowable - Epicurus on living simply - Heidegger on the meaning of life - Heraclitus on change - William James on pragmatism - Kant on moral law - Kierkegaard on faith - Leibniz on evil - Machiavelli on leadership - JS Mill on liberty - Montaigne on self-knowledge - Iris Murdoch on goodness - Pascal on God - Karl Popper on the scientific method - John Rawls on social justice - Jean-Paul Sartre on human potential - Spinoza on rationality- Wittgenstein on language and meaning

GAIN insights from leading contemporary philosophers:

Julian Baggini on the ego - Noam Chomsky on power - Harry Frankfurt on 'bullshit'
Sam Harris on free will - Saul Kripke on names - Michael Sandel on justice Peter Singer on giving - Nassim Taleb on uncertainty - Slavoj Zizek on global capitalism

DISCOVER seminal books in philosophy:

Language, Truth, and Logic - Simulacra and Simulation - The Order of Things - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - The Medium is the Massage - Beyond Good and Evil - The Social Contract - The Conquest of Happiness - The World as Will and Representation

About the Author

Tom Butler-Bowdon is recognised as an expert on personal development literature. His 50 Classics series has been hailed as the definitive guide to the literature of possibility, and has won numerous awards including the Benjamin Franklin Self-Help Award and Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award. A graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Sydney, he lives and works in both the Oxford, UK and Australia.

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