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The Famous Five Adventures Short Story Books Collection Set by Enid Blyton
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The Famous Five Adventures Short Story Books Collection Set by Enid Blyton

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Title in This Set:

1. George's Hair Is Too Long
2. Five and a Half-Term Adventure
3. A Lazy Afternoon
4. Good Old Timmy
5. Well Done, Famous Five
6. Five Have a Puzzling Time
7. When Timmy Chased the Cat
8. The Birthday Adventure
9. Five to the Rescue!


George's Hair Is Too Long
Borrowing some scissors is the beginning of an adventure for the Famous Five, as George manages to get mixed up with some burglars. The others are too busy eating ice cream to realise that George is in trouble!

Will the Famous Five manage to catch up with the burglars and save the day?

Five and a Half-Term Adventure
George's dog Timmy sniffs out an adventure when he spots some suspicious-looking passengers on a train. He is very interested in one of them, but what has he spotted?

Can the Famous Five solve this mystery?

A Lazy Afternoon
It's so terribly hot, the Famous Five are having a lazy afternoon... but the gang don't get the peace and quiet they imagined!

What are the men on the motorbikes up to? Can they be stopped?

Good Old Timmy
After the Five see a boy being kidnapped at the beach, they set out to find him. But where have the kidnappers hidden the boy?

Will Timmy lead them to the answer?

Well Done, Famous Five
The most famous racehorse in England is being trained in Kirren, and the Famous Five are eager to watch. But when the horse bolts the friends need to think quickly to make sure he isn't lost or injured.

The whole of England is depending on them!

Five Have a Puzzling Time
When George is kept awake at night by a toothache, she notices a light on the supposedly empty Kirrin Island. While George is at the dentist the others decide to investigate and strange things start happening...

Can the Famous Five solve this mystery?

When Timmy Chased the Cat
The Famous Five are on their way to the cinema when Timmy spots a cat and tears after it, taking the gang on a detour to an empty house. But is it really empty? Some strange sounds suggest otherwise...

Timmy leads the gang into another thrilling adventure.

The Birthday Adventure
Expect all the usual excitement as the Five head off to birthday party with a very special present. Little do they know, two thieves are on their trail and desperate to get their hands on it...

Five to the Rescue!
When the Famous Five are enjoying a picnic on Kirrin Island they spot a lamb in trouble. With no one else on hand to help, it's up to the Five launch a rescue mission. Will they make it in time?

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