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The art of the good life & Thinking Clearly Paperback Adult Non Fiction book New - Children Store Co.

The art of the good life & Thinking Clearly Paperback Adult Non Fiction book New

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The Art of Thinking Clearly

The secrets of perfect decision-making... Have you ever: - Invested time in something that, with hindsight, just wasn't worth it? - Overbid in an Ebay auction? - Continued doing something you knew was bad for you? - Sold stocks too late, or too early? - Taken credit for success, but blamed failure on external circumstances? - Backed the wrong horse? These are examples of cognitive biases, simple errors we all make in our day-to-day thinking. But by knowing what they are and how to spot them, we can avoid them and make better choices - whether dealing with a personal problem or a business negotiation; trying to save money or make money; working out what we do or don't want in life, and how best to get it. An international bestseller, THE ART OF THINKING CLEARLY is essential reading for anyone with important decisions to make. It reveals, in 100 short chapters, the most common errors of judgement, and how to avoid them. Simple, clear and always surprising, this indispensable book will change the way you think and transform your decision-making - at work, at home, every day.
The art of the good lifeThe indispensable new work from the author of the international and Sunday Times bestseller THE ART OF THINKING CLEARLY. Have you ever... Spent too long on a power point presentation? Lost sight of what makes you happy? Failed to reach a long-term goal? Become infuriated by queuing, tax or parking tickets? Broken a promise you knew you'd keep? Since the dawn of civilization, we've been asking ourselves what it means to live a good life: how should I live, what will truly make be happy, how much should I earn, how should I spend my time? In the absence of a single simple answer, what we need is a toolkit of mental models, a guide to practical living. In THE ART OF THE GOOD LIFE, you'll find fifty-two intellectual shortcuts for wiser thinking and better decisions, at home and at work. They may not guarantee you a good life, but they'll give you a better chance.

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