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Stephen, the Sprout of Kindness Richard Dungworth, Samantha Meredith (artist) Hardback original

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Perfect Christmas present for children!

Stephen is a sprout. He's not just any sprout though, he's a sprout of kindness! Join Stephen in this fun rhyming story as he helps his friends with the power of kindness.

With rhyming text, bright illustrations and a funny refrain, this book all about ways to be kind will inspire and encourage children everywhere. Stephen Sprout helps out his friends when they lose things, if they can't decide who should go next on the swings, and he even helps sort out a little sibling rivalry.

At the end there are some suggestions of ways that the readers can carry on what Stephen starts, and spread a little more kindness in the world.


Language: English

Format: Hardback

Number of pages: 22 unnumbered

Weight: 314g

Height: 209mm

Width: 209mm Spine

width: 12mm

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