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Kids Get Coding Collection - 4 Books (Collection) - Children Store Co.

Kids Get Coding Collection - 4 Books (Collection)

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This handy collection will help children aged 6 and over hone their IT skills and learn all about coding, the internet, digital devices and online safety.

Highly accessible, the books provide children with online and offline activities to help them get to grips with this most important of concepts. A hands-on resource, the collection is sure to be referred to again and again during a child's school years. The books will come in very handy for coding homework!

The books are introduced by the friendly character, Data Duck. A programming mastermind, he has all the knowledge, hints and tips your children will need as they become cracking successes at coding.

Titles in this collection (4)

  • Algorithms and Bugs
  • Learn to Program
  • Our Digital World
  • Staying Safe Online

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