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Kids Children Team Heroes 6 books Collection Set by Adam Blade Shadow Snakes Scorpion Strikes Hidden City Falcon of Fury Fire Lizard

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Titles in collection:

★Fight for the Hidden City

★ Scorpion Strike

★Falcon of Fury

★ Rise of the Shadow Snakes

★Lair of the Fire Lizard

★The Island of doom

Fight for the Hidden City:

The students of Hero Academy are on a mission to a hidden kingdom of cat-human hybrids. But the change of location gives their enemy a new, deadly opportunity to strike .

Scorpion Strike:

General Gore's evil poison is spreading throughout the underground city of Tavnar. Jack, Danny and Ruby must descend into its dark depths before the whole population is infected .

Falcon of Fury:

The majestic flying beast that watches over the Avaretti has been taken over by the forces of darkness. Join Team Hero abroad a fighter plane for an epic battle in the skies!

Rise of the Shadow Snakes:

A great evil continues to spread throughout the human world, and it is up to Jack, Danny and Ruby to stop it. Team Hero must save the world from eternal darkness - but at what cost?

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