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Kids/Children Daisy & The Trouble With Kittens 10 Books - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Kes Gray RED FOX

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This collection of books has remained one of our bestselling items and is extremely popular for readers of ages 9-14, the hilarious storyline and funny characters will keep readers wanting more and more. The main character Daisy is cheeky and full of charisma and each book will surely get you readers laughing and giggling. In this bestselling collection, we have Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens, in this lively book Daisy went on a hot summer holiday! Daisy is travelling to Spain and she is having a blast. Daisy is excited to see palm trees for the first time, she is excited to eat octopus for the first time, make new friends, play zombie mermaids as well as play with her new furry cat friends. There is just one problem though… The cats are following Daisy and they all want a new mommy! 

In this appealing collection, we also have Daisy and Trouble with Christmas, in this happy and festive book, Daisy is spending her wonderful Christmas time where everybody is enjoying their time, a moment of peace, calm and wonder yet it is not so simple for Daisy. Daisy has been looking forward to all the beautiful things Christmas will offer and have been since September and Daisy just cannot wait to celebrate this special season. However despite the positivity of Daisy, trouble follows her. Daisy loves to sing and is excited for the carols, Daisy also loves all the wonderful and festive decorations of Christmas such as sparkling lights, snowmen, and the opportunity to be a part of something big in the school Christmas play. Things fall into chaos and out of place when the school doll breaks and the head wobbles off! Browse our best selling category as well as our Humorous Stories section.


Titles in this Set:

  • Daisy and the Trouble with Maggots
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Life
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Giants
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Coconuts
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Piggy Banks
  • Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Day




Daisy and Trouble with Maggots

Daisy is incredibly excited when her uncle offers to take her on a fishing trip. There's so much new stuff to learn! Like how water witches turn fishermen into dog poos, why supermarkets don't stock picknicky things like lemonade and chicken wings on the same shelf, and why it's a really, really bad idea to use wriggly tiggly maggots as catapult amunition...

Daisy and Trouble with Life

The trouble with life is it's SOOOOOOOOO unfair. Daisy's been grounded. No HOPPING or SKIPPING, FLYING or PARACHUTING. She's lucky she's even been allowed out of her bedroom after what she's done. But what HAS she done that is SOOOOOOOOOOO naughty? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Daisy and Trouble with Zoos

It's Daisy's birthday and she's having a special birthday treat! Mum has invited her best friends, Gabby and Dylan, on a trip to the zoo - and, best of all, Mum has arranged for Daisy to go into the actual penguin cage with the actual zoo keeper and FEED actual penguins! REAL ACTUAL PENGUINS! With actual beaks and everything!!

Daisy and Trouble with Kittens

Daisy is going on holiday! In an actual plane to actual Spain! It's so exciting! She's never seen a palm tree before, or eaten octopus, or played zombie mermaids, or made so many new friends! TROUBLE is, five of them are small and cute and furry kittens!!!! And guess who wants to be their new English Mum?!?

Daisy and Trouble with Giants

Fee Fi Fo Fum! What has Daisy gone and done?! Daisy has decided she wants to meet a REAL giant! If Daisy met a real giant he'd pick Daisy up and put her on his shoulder and they'd have giant adventures! They'd eat crunchy creams as big as tractor tyres, and if she got thirsty, they'd have giant lemonades out of giant straws.

Daisy and Trouble with Coconuts

'The trouble with coconuts is they are the worst type of nuts in the whole wide world. If you ask me, coconuts shouldn’t be allowed in a funfair. If you double ask me, they shouldn’t even be allowed to grow. Coconuts are too big. Coconuts are too hairy. Plus, if you try to win one, they just get you into trouble. Which isn’t my fault!'

Daisy and Trouble with Burglars

When three actual burglaries happen in Daisy’s town, Daisy is beside herself with excitement. Two houses and the fish and chip shop have been broken into (and lots of cods and haddocks have been stolen). Anyone could be next!

Daisy and Trouble with Piggy Banks

Daisy's getting into more trouble than ever before! When her best friend Gabby turns up at Daisy's house with the most awesome, immense, water-squirting micro-scooter Daisy's ever seen, Daisy knows she's got to have one too! Trouble is, they cost a LOT of money. So Daisy and Gabby hatch a money-making plan...

Daisy and Trouble with Sports Day

Daisy's getting into trouble again, and this time it's at her school Sports Day! Daisy's determined to win her race, and she and best friend Gabby have been training hard. They're going for gold! They're in the zone! They're sticking to a strict athlete's diet of Mars bars, Twiglets and cheese strings! Trouble is, everyone else in the class wants to win too . . .

Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires
Its Halloween and Daisy is going trick-or-treating for the very first time. In the dark . . . in the fog . . . with a VAMPIRE . . . armed only with a torch and some silly string. GULP!

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