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Enid Blyton Mystery Stories Series 10 Books Collection Ages 9+ Paperback New

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Titles in This Set
The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters
The Mystery of the Hidden House
The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat
The Mystery of the Invisible Thief
The Mystery of the Vanished Prince
The Mystery of the Strange Bundle
The Mystery of Holly Lane
The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage
The Mystery of the Strange Messages
The Mystery of Banshee Towers


The Mystery of the spiteful Letters:

The villagers of Peter'swood have received spiteful letters, but no one knows who sent them! The find outers have to find the person who is making the villagers so unhappy. But they will have to be quick with Mr Goon trying to solve the mystery first....

The Mystery of Banshee Towers:

Ern is back visiting Mr Goon, so the find outers have the perfect chance to explore Banshee Towers with him. But there are more secrets to the towers than screaming banshees. To find outers have one final case to solve...

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat:

The theatre safe has been robbed and the top suspect is Boysie, the pantomime cat. But the Find outers aren't convinced that Boysie is the real thief. They have to solve this mystery before Mr Goon arrests the wrong person...


The Mystery of the Invisible Thief:

There is a mysterious burglar in Peterswood.  No one has seen the thief, but there are huge foot prints left behind at every robbery. Who could possibly have feet so big? The find outers will soon find out...

The Mystery of the Vanished Prince:

The Prince of Tetarua is staying at a school camp near Peterswood! But right after he arrives, he vanishes without a trace. This time the Find outers will have to work with Mr Goon to find the missing Prince.....

The Mystery of the Strange Bundle:

There was a robbery at Mr Fellows' house, but nothing has been stolen. On the same night, Mr fellows was seen throwing a bundle into the river. Is there a connection? It's the strangest mystery yet....

The Mystery of the Hidden House:

The Find Outers are forbidden to solve any mysteries this summer, so instead they make for Mr Goon's nephew, Ern. But they don't expect their fake mystery to turn into a real one, or for Ern to disappear...





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