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Children Enid Blyton The Naughtiest Girl 6 books Collection Paperback New
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Children Enid Blyton The Naughtiest Girl 6 books Collection Paperback New

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Titles in this Collection:

Wants to Win

Well Done

Helps a friend

Marches On

Keeps a secret

Saves the Day

Wants to Win:

Elizabeth is furious when Kerry, new girl and young actress, becomes head girl over the obvious choice, her friend Emma. Elizabeth is convinced that all the seniors have been swayed by Kerry's acting skills.

How will Elizabeth prove that the real Kerry is a nasty piece of work without looking like the troublemaker herself?

Well Done:

Exams are looming and Elizabeth has left her revision to the last minute. She finds a spot to study in the branches of a beautiful old oak tree that is home to many birds and small creatures. But when Elizabeth Discovers that there is a plan to chop down the tree, She has another challenge to take on...

Helps a friend:

The school goes camping and the Naughtiest Girl means to be well-behaved. But horrible Arabella is sleeping in the very same tent and busy stirring up trouble for Elizabeth's best friend, Joan...

Marches On:

Elizabeth is overjoyed to be appointed monitor again. But one of the second form boys is turning all the other boys against her, starting with a nasty note in her desk and ending with a false tip-off about a midnight pillow fight in the boys' dormitory.

Can she find out who has a grudge against her - and why?

Keeps a Secret:

Elizabeth intends never to be naughty again. But when John entrusts her with his secret, the naughtiest girl finds herself in deeper trouble than ever...

Saves the Day:

The school's strawberry plants are vandalised, and a lost blazer button at the scene of the crime leads straight to the Naughtiest Girl. It is hers, but how did it get there - and why would anyone want to pin the blame on Elizabeth?

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