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Adult Women Fiction Eileen Ramsay A school Mistress at war 2 books Pack

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Titles in this Collection:

A School Mistress at War

The Glasgow Girl at War

The Glasgow Girl at War:

Growing up in a convent in Glasgow, Ferelith Gallagher dreams of bigger and better things. With no money behind her, and no family to speak of, she travels to Edinburgh to study to be a lawyer - a brave choice for a woman in the 1930s. And when she falls in love with a young fellow student, she thinks she's finally found a home.

But after a brief and disastrous marriage, Ferelith swears she is through with love, and buries herself in her studies, striving to become the first female senior advocate in Scottish history. But when she finally meets a man she knows she could be happy with, Ferelith finds herself torn between love and her career.

When war breaks out, she knows life will never be the same again . . .

A School Mistress at War:

Growing up as a schoolmaster's daughter in rural Scotland, Kirsty Robertson has always dreamt of following in her father's footsteps and becoming a schoolmistress. And when her father dies suddenly, she becomes even more determined to make him proud.

Dedicated to her career, Kirsty knows she can't let love get in her way. She spurns the advances of her childhood friend, Jamie, a farmhand. But soon, she finds herself increasingly drawn to Hugh, the laird's son, whose family she knows would never approve of him marrying a poor schoolteacher.

When World War I breaks out, and Hugh leaves to fight, Kirsty knows her future is in question once more.

Soon, Kirsty finds herself alone and hiding a shameful secret. Will she be able to keep the truth away from village gossips and protect her family? Will she ever find true happiness again?



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